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Tray vs Slot | Tom's Hardware Forum Tray vs Slot. Thread starter Guest. Start date Jul 17, 2001.My Cousin who works for a computer shop, which sells Pioneer slot loading & Tray Loading Drives told me that, over time customers had problems with the slot loading ones. iMac G3 Tray Loading vs. Slot Loading Comparison -…

Slot Load 12.7mm 9.5mm Laptop DVD Drive Bezel Faceplate. 15 product ratings ... TS-L633 12.7mm SATA Tray Load CD DVD±RW Burner/Writer Drive ... SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.INTRODUCTION:TOB04 Tray-loading designed for laptop or desktop with open 9.5mm or 12.7mm slim ... bezel so it can fit seamlessly into either 9.5mm or 12.7mm optical drive slots. Slot load vs. tray load DVD roms - Ars Technica OpenForum Slot load vs. tray load DVD roms 18 posts ... In a slot-loading drive, that soft dust guard is the only thing that ever touches the data surface. Quite neat, I think. quote: Slot Loading Drives VS. Tray-loading drives | NotebookReview My concern with slot loading drives vs tray drives isn't the durability of the tray. I've still got the ultra cheap drive that came with my original desktop 5+ years ago and the tray is the last thing to worry me about the drive.

Is it my imagination, a result of limited experience, or do slot-loaded drives (i.e. the one in my iBook) act a lot more picky about flaws on media than tray-loaded ones?So is this annoyance standard to slot drives, the models that iBooks use, my specific drive, or is it my imagination?

Apr 30, 2008 · Guys, I noticed that the new Meridian units: G06.2, G08.2, G92, G95 & G96 all feature Slot Loading drive mechanisms instead of the usual Tray Loading mechanisms used in the majority of CD players. Yes, I know that Slot Loaders have been in … Slot-loading vs tray-loading vs top-loading drives Nov 11, 2017 · I prefer tray-loading drives because they offer the least friction on the optical media AFAIK. Also, I feel like A LOT more can go wrong with a slot-loading drive, even though my experience with tray-loading drives are usually 5+ years and the rubber band dries up which makes it difficult to eject the tray. Slot load vs. tray load DVD roms - Ars Technica OpenForum Mar 16, 2001 · I personally worry about slot load machines. I have pulled the tray open with the power off to get discs out of drives many a time and know it does no harm. Slot Loading Disc Drive vs. Tray Loading Disc Drive

My work laptop, has a similar slot on the left hand side; it also happens to have a slot loading optical drive (rather than the traditional tray). So, there I was, not really paying attention, and reaching over to insert the SD card into my work laptop, when I realized I had just placed it into my optical drive’s slot.

How would I mod a regular DVD-+R drive to have slot loading ... I am wondering if I bought some cheap DVD-+R drive and a Slot Loading drive if i could take the slot loading mechanism out of it and put it in the DVD+-R. If there ... Slot Load vs Tray | [H]ard|Forum Does a slot load drive not hold up as well as a tray, especially considering you will be burning? Questions and comments are very welcome, and I know the Plex slot load is a bit more expensive, I am not trying to compare cost. I am trying to compare a slot drive vs a tray, if there is any difference when it comes to functionality/

Tray-, slot- or top-loading: Thread starter DownGrader Start date Feb 3, DownGrader Member Feb 3, When I imagine a game console, I always imagine a top- loader, and it saddens me to see top-loading disc drives being presented exclusively as a cost-cutting measure. I would be really glad to see...

What is a Tray? - Computer Hope's Free Computer Help Slot loading; Missing disc drive tray. Not all desktop computers and laptop computers have disc drives. If you cannot find a disc drive on the front of your desktop computer or the side of your laptop, it is very likely it does not have a disc drive. For desktop computers that have an available drive bay, a disc drive can be installed into the ... dvd - How can an optical drive function when mounted ... The common optical drive loading mechanisms are as follows: Tray-style: Most common. Drives that can be mounted vertically have trays with clips that grab the discs. Slot-loading: Often seen in vehicles. Discs are slipped into the slot and a mechanical arm grabs them and draws them inside the drive. Caddy-style: Expensive and rare.

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slot load VS. tray load blu ray burner. Archive View Return to standard view. ... personally I like slot load optical drive than tray load, i think they r modern & stylish. im looking for a blu ray burner ... i prefer slot loading too but not all slot loading drives accept 8cm "mini" discs. User #539893 93 posts. LG Ultra Slim Slot Load External DVDRW With Mac & Surface ... 3. Slot drive = sexy vs tray DVD drive. Worth that alone IMO and why I bought it Cons: 1. No USB 3.0 connection for faster speed, gotta get a Blu Ray drive for that 2. Slower vs internal drive but I knew this ahead of time 2. Pricey for what it is, a slot drive shouldn't be that much more vs tray, so a bit of a rip off. Slot or Tray? | Tom's Hardware Forum I wonder what is better, the CD/DVD drives with slot loading, or those with tray loading? It could be just a matter of personal preference, for all I know. But since I have never seen a slot drive before, I won't know for sure. From what I see, the slot-based drives tend to be a touch more expensive. Is it a sign of better quality? Leo