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Jun 30, 2015 · PostgreSQL 9.4. One of these new features is the concept of replication slots. This should appeal to those of us running streaming replication between a master and one or several hot standbys (or just archiving standbys). Before 9.4, in the event of a standby going offline, a master kept set a number of WAL files until the standby comes back online. PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.4: Streaming Replication Protocol Documentation → PostgreSQL 9.4. ... To initiate streaming replication, ... This parameter is required, and must correspond to an existing logical replication slot created with CREATE_REPLICATION_SLOT in LOGICAL mode. XXX/XXX. The WAL position to begin streaming at. option_name.

Using PostgreSQL Logical Replication to Maintain an Always Up This blog discusses logical replication in PostgreSQL: its use cases, general information on the status of this technology, and a special use case in particular on how to setup a subscriber (replica) node of the primary server in order to … /usr/ – PostgreSQL - Streaming Replication - name: PostgreSQL NODE1 hosts: node1 sudo: yes roles: - ANXS.postgresql vars: - postgresql_version: 9.4 - postgresql_encoding: 'UTF-8' - postgresql_locale: 'en_US.UTF-8' - postgresql_listen_addresses: - '*' - postgresql_ssl: on … Barman for PostgreSQL - Browse /2.0 at

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Postgres 9.5 feature highlight - Replication slot control with commit: d9f38c7a555dd5a6b81100c6d1e4aa68342d8771 author: Andres Freund date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 12:51:37 +0200 Add support for managing physical replication slots to pg_receivexlog. Postgresql WAL space out of control? Check your slots... - DIQ I've run PostgreSQL databases off and on for the past 8 years, but I'm not a full-time DBA. I don't follow all of the ins and outs and daily updates with Pgsql. General Replication slots, introduced in PostgreSQL 9.4, ensure that the primary server will retain WAL files until they have been consumed by all standby servers. Streaming only PostgreSQL replication

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Jak správně nastavit Postgres Streaming replication wal_level = hot_standby full_page_writes = on wal_log_hints = on max_wal_senders = 6 max_replication_slots = 6 hot_standby = on hot_standby_feedback = on Otázkou tedy je zda je to nastaveno správně a proč dochází k lagu aplikování WAL na … PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.6: Index 15th April 2019: PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee 2018 Annual Report

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When streaming replication is used to replicate all changes from a primary PostgreSQL server to a hot standby (aka read replica), there is a usually a slight delay between the time when row updates happen on the primary and when the changes … Failover slots for PostgreSQL | Replication slots are not themselves synced to physical replicas so you can’t continue to use a slot after a master failure results in promotion of a standby. pg_streaming_replication Puppet Module | Fat Dragon class { 'pg_streaming_replication': id_rsa_source => 'puppet://files/my_postgres_ssh_​id_rsa', id_rsa_pub_source => 'puppet://files/my_postgres_ssh_​', nodes => ['', ''], replication_password => 'BDE4CE17-98E5 …

Replication slots expand the infrastructure with streaming replication. Until PostgreSQL 9.3, connections via streaming replication protocol were relatively anonymous: Using hot_standby_feedback to submit feedback regarding the current state of a streaming standby to the master was an option.

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